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Laser Hair Removal in Norwich

Our laser hair removal clinic on the outskirts of Norwich is run by three family doctors, Dr Malcolm Willis, Dr Kathy Kestin and Dr Mini Nelson. We are highly experienced practitioners with extensive knowledge of dermatology and medical conditions and have spent many years running a very successful practice based on personal lists and holistic care. We have now branched out into an aesthetic specialty, permanent laser hair removal treatments, where clients can feel totally confident in those who are treating them.


This is especially important when dealing with sensitive areas. Removing unwanted hair in intimate areas is our specialty and we only use the best equipment in the industry – the Soprano ICE laser. Our packages span a year to minimise need for repeat purchases. Unfortunately at other clinics, up to 30% of clients end up having to buy a second set of treatments, costing them far more than it should. Come and visit us in Poringland, Norwich, Norfolk.


We now also offer Anti-Wrinkle Injectables (also known as Botulinum Toxin A). This treatment is more commonly recognised as Botox ® although this is, in fact, a trading name.


Why use laser for hair removal?

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Laser Hair Removal guaranteed

Waxing, shaving, threading, depilating, plucking and electrolysis are all methods of hair removal that never get rid of the root of the problem – the hair bulbs and the stem cells that always regenerate them. This guarantees to keep beauticians in business for a lifetime!

Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines have been used for nearly twenty years to remove hair permanently – but always at risk of causing burns, scarring or depigmentation. There has been an explosion in the number of salons offering IPL and Laser Hair Removal following government deregulation in October 2010 and the scandals over breast implants and fillers have already hit the headlines. Some customers have become confused and disillusioned by claim and counter-claim regarding IPL and Lasers. We put our clients minds at rest because we are Medical Doctors practising to the highest standards. Our experience of dermatology and medical conditions means that our clients can enjoy complete peace of mind when having their treatments. You’ll find lots of information on our website about our removal and treatments.


Types of laser treatments

We’re using the best laser in the hair removal industry. The Soprano ICE wins awards year after year. The laser targets the dark root of the hair and has been described as like having a hot stone massage. In skilled hands medical lasers are incredibly effective and do what they say on the box! Our treatments include bikini line hair removal; underarm hair removal; back hair removal; facial hair removal and leg hair removal to name but a few!



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